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The Gymnasium offers simple, honest training inspired by what seems impossible. Particularly when it comes to our bodies, we often put limitations on ourselves, sometimes without knowing it. We say we can’t before we even try. At The Gymnasium, we believe in encouraging our clients to push their own boundaries in an environment that is supportive and understanding. Our trainers use logic, experience and science to show you how your body absolutely can achieve anything you put your mind to. At The Gymnasium, you will be challenged to try things that you might have thought beyond you. You never know what the outcome might be. It could be the most empowering experience of your life.



The Gymnasium offers unpretentious, functional training and our space reflects this approach with a fresh, contemporary and minimal style. We have worked to create an authentic space, offering our clients tactile interaction during training sessions, through materials such as wood, steel, leather and canvas. We hope you will find The Gymnasium to be inclusive and inspiring – where inner strength powers outer performance.


  • Dumbells, kettlebells, barbells
  • Cable machines
  • Exercise balls
  • Rowing machine


  • Secure, off-street parking
  • Locker room
  • Shower
  • Hair dryer
  • Working with Malcolm for the past 3 years has been one of the most holistic and effective training regimes I have ever undergone. Malcolm’s attention to detail and wide range of training techniques not only gets your cardio fitness levels up to scratch, but at the same time raises awareness of our individual movement patterns and posture tendencies. The results have been amazing. I have never felt stronger.

    Past injuries and tiredness are never inhibiting factors when training with Malcolm; he always finds an efficient way of getting the most out of every training session! Thanks, Malcolm, for making every moment at The Gymnasium so rewarding!  

    – Hannah New, actress
  • I do not like exercise at all, but after a year of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, I realised I had to do something to help me recover from the physical trauma. Training with Malcolm has played an enormous role in my recovery. Every session is different and is shaped around my unique physical challenges.

    It is this multi-faceted approach that enabled me to still continue after a year and to achieve my first goal of climbing Table Mountain. After each session, I leave feeling energised and physically empowered, thanks to the great support from my trainer.

    – Lynne-Anne Joubert
  • Malcolm developed a tailor-made training program for me based on a holistic approach – including Pilates, Yoga, strength and cardio training – with the aim of improving my functional fitness. Six weeks of training together resulted in a sustainable strengthening of the relevant muscles, restoring a functional balance and a healthy posture for the first time in years.

    Malcolm’s primary strengths as a personal trainer are his deep understanding of the body and how it moves, a huge repertoire of different training disciplines and a unique ability to vividly explain and thoroughly supervise even the most complex exercises – and he is a great motivator, too.

    – Jan Conterman
  • My first class was one of the most physically testing experiences I've ever endured. I don't know why I went back, but I did. Months later, I found that I had become more aware of the muscles in my body.

    I was slowly learning about my body and what it could do. I was also quitting less. I was becoming more nimble, a little firmer and a little stronger. Having noticed that some of my clothes seemed to fit a little looser, I weighed myself once more. I’d managed to shed 7kg. I guess exercise is good for you after all!

    – Nobhongo Gxolo
Uniforms supplied by Icebreaker