Malcolm Gowans
  • Yoga, Pilates, Strength, Athletics
  • 30 Years of Experience


Owner and founder of The Gymnasium, Malcolm’s influences stem from a long-standing yoga practice, a deep understanding of Pilates, the discipline of strength and athletic training and his personal passion for rock climbing. 
Malcolm has been climbing for over thirty years; summited snowy peaks in the Alps and Peru and has personally opened over 200 routes around the world. His goal is to inspire and motivate clients to be in alignment with their bodies and to keep functionally fit - finding the balance between strength and flexibility, core stability and explosive power. Improving the quality of life for his clients is his greatest reward.


Malcolm’s love for climbing, led him to exploring various forms of strength and body-weight training methods including calisthenics, trail running and Iyengar Yoga. Malcolm has a diploma in Personal Training, a Pilates Matt certification, a strength & conditioning certification in Personal Training, a Tacfit certification as well as a TRX STC. He is also FLOWIN Master Trainer for Southern Africa, an educator in Health and Fitness and has presented at various forums and conferences.

Andrew Wylie
  • Personal Fitness, OSHO Rebalancing, Reiki, FLOWIN, Fascia Release, Pilates
  • 10+ Years of Experience


While exploring courses for credits to enter formal physiotherapy studies, Andrew came to appreciate the rewarding one-on-one relationships that comes with personal training and massage work. He discovered his passion for helping clients and working in the health and wellness industry. 

He has found that his 10+ years of experience has helped him to offer a holistic approach, regardless of what his clients come to see him for initially. He thrives on assisting clients in realising their wellness goals and using exercises that encourages the mind-body relationship.

His vision is to help along the realisation that wellness and balance is not a destination but a journey.

“The aim when working with a client is to create the right space where the existence of negative noise is abandoned. I want for my clients to adopt a mind-set of goal making and goal smashing daily.”


“We all have our own path and need to find that which our spirit embraces. No two people are alike so why should your physical, spiritual and emotional journey be consistent with others?”

Find your own Personal Sublime and let the Personal Revolution Begin!


Sport & Health Club Management(Varsity College), Nutritional Products(International Academy of Nutrition) and Personal Fitness Trainer (ETA). He is also a certified OSHO Rebalancing Massage Therapist(ITEC), Reiki II practitioner, FLOWIN instructor, Fascia Release (Lyno Therapy) and Pilates Mat Instructor(BASI).